I don’t feel anything in my left ear and I have the intensity turned all the way up. Am I doing something wrong?

There are many things you can do to improve the strength of the NERVANA signal.

  • Headphone assembly: Make sure the blue dot on the left earbud is lined up with the “L” on the left earpiece. The left earbud is made of conductive silicone in order to transmit the NERVANA signal.
  • Ear prep: Everyday skin oils and ear wax can prevent transmission of the NERVANA signal. You can prime your left ear by cleaning the outer ear canal gently with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Only swipe the outermost skin that comes in contact with the left earbud. Do not insert the swab deep into your ear canal.
  • Earbud Size: Even if it's comfortable, your size may not be providing ideal contact for good signal quality. Try different sizes of earbuds until you find a size where it's easy for you to get good signal quality at a lower intensity relatively quickly.
  • Saline: Electrical signals need a conductive environment to transmit properly. Salt water (also called “saline”) is a good conductor of electricity and is biocompatible. A saline dispenser is included with your NERVANA unit. Simply spray the saline on both sides of the left earbud.
  • Music: While NERVANA works with most genres of music, some music selections create a stronger signal than others. These are typically faster paced, higher intensity songs having an amplitude that varies from low to high. Songs that are very melodic and slow might not produce the best signal quality. Try different songs and various genres of music to find the best experience for you.
  • Loudness: In Audio Mode / Line In, the NERVANA signal is somewhat dependent on the volume of the music. So, if you can do so comfortably, try turning the music volume up a level or two when you are first using NERVANA. We have accommodated for the possibility of using music that does not produce an ideal NERVANA signal by adding the Calibration Dial. If you are listening to music that is soft or quiet, turning the Calibration Dial up (clockwise) will increase the occurrence of the signal – it will not affect the volume of the music from the earbud speakers. Volume is completely controlled by your music source.




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