How is the sound quality of the headphones?

NERVANA’s headphones were designed to deliver the best possible Vagus nerve stimulation signal.  We are actively working on sound quality and look forward to providing you with an improved set of headphones.  

Some users have recognized the inherent limitations of earbuds as compared to over-the-ear type headphones, and there is a solution for those who wish to have a quality of sound only available from over-the-ear type headphones by combining the NERVANA headphones with your favorite over-the-ear type headphones. 

A Y-splitter headphone jack (shown below) is commonly available at virtually all stores that sell electronics. 

First, plug the single male input jack into your music source.  From this, two output female ports are available.  Your over-the-ear headphone jack is plugged into the first of the two output ports.  The male-to-male connector provided with your NERVANA unit is plugged into the second output port.  Connect as instructed but only put the left earbud in your ear during use (you can use the clip to secure the right earbud as it dangles free).  Then put your headphones over both your ears, completely covering the left earbud that is in your left ear.  Then use NERVANA as directed.

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    Joey Raines

    This work around for improving the sound quality works great, though all this extra wiring is a little bit of a pain. I hope the Nervan team is diligently working on upgrading the earbuds. Once that hurdle is overcome your product will be perfect!

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