Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally. Currently, our page on the Indiegogo website has a flat shipping rate. However, for future purchases the shipping cost may change based on your location.

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    Dogan Alkan

    I live in Turkey and I am a student..I want buy NERVANA Generator and Headphones Unit with Extra Set of Headphones (Complete Set).Turkey customs duty of 20% over $ 30.I must pay 62 dollars as a result of customs duties.And  Ups shipping cost(I made shopping in the USA a few months ago.Ups Cargo ordino vs cost 200$ I did pay Product price was 100 dollars:)   Can you help me in this regard.what with which cargo you send the product.could you shipping with If you can send with usps.I want buy product thanks a lot.I think you can help me in this regard.Thanks a lot for help me


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