How long will the NERVANA effects last?

The effects can be felt within minutes and last as long as an hour or more after a session.  Based on the experience of NERVANA units, the more consistently you use NERVANA, the easier it becomes to get to your ultimate state of relaxation.


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    Kelly S.

    My husband and I each purchased a device, 2 of the first 100 sold. My husband has tried everything suggested and he feels nothing in his R ear. I have tried both and can feel a sensation in my ear so I know they are working. Additionally, for both of us, we've yet to experience anything pleasureable from the use of the device. It appears to just be a device that allows us to listen to music with some ear sensation. All the promos had people expressing pleasureable sensations.
    Is there something wrong with us? Does it not work on everyone? Strange how it doesn't work on either one of us. At one point in an attempt to get the thing to work I turned it up to 22-25 and listened for 30 min 2x day. The next day I had a severe pain along my neck and lower jaw. After researching this I believe I irrated a surface nerve. It took over a week for it to resolve itself. One very painful mistake. I waited a month before trying the device again bc of fear of the pain again. When I did use it again, I did not put it over a 7.
    Any insight you have would be most appreciated.

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